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Pest Control Tifton GA

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Do You Need Pest Control in Tifton, GA or Termite Extermination?

Cobra Extermination Company is your pest control services provider in Tifton GA for removing any of your pests from your home or office.   We are an environmentlly safe company that uses non-toxic chemicals around the home that are safe for anyone, so that your home is clean, safe, and pest free at all times for your family and children.  Our business has been around for decades, and is family owned and operated, so when you need pest control in Tifton GA you we can help you to remove termites, pests, insects, spiders, rodents, or wildlife from your home or property.  We are located in Middle Georgia and have served this area of the state for more than 20 years.  We're experienced, reliable, and trustworthy. 

Many of our customers have been with us for decades, and they use us for all of their extermination needs.  Pest control is cost effective and reliable, and can keep your home free of bugs long term.    We have many clients who are generational, whose children now use us because their parents did.  

We kill the bugs, pests, and wildlife  that can invade your home:

  • Ants and Rodents
  • Termite Extermination
  • Cockroaches and Silverfish
  • Fleas, Centipedes, and Fire Ants
  • Spiders

If you happen to have bed bugs, we can remove them from your home as well.  We use the latest equipment, which is  Bed Bug Heat Treatments.  These remove the necessity for harsh chemicals to exterminate or eliminate a colony of these harmful pests from your home.   At one time, these bugs could be removed through chemicals, but these chemicals have since been banned from use in the United States as they were found harmful to humans.  Heat treatments remove these bugs effectively and our work is guaranteed.

Cobra Pest Control, Tifton can make your home pest free with their extermination services. We serve Tifton and the surrounding areas in Middle Georgia, including Fitzgerald, Albany, and Adele.  These days, keeping your home free of bugs is a necessity, and we recommend our clients take action to protect their homes before the need arises or before pests overtake the home.  Most clients see tremendous results after only one treatment!  Contact Us today for environmentally-friendly pest control, commercial and residential pest control, termite heat treatments, rodent and wildlife control, and many other pest control services.

If you need an exterminator in Tifton GA, the Cobra Extermination team is as close as a phone call. 

Call us for a free quote at:  229.322.2504

About us

Cobra Exterminating was started in 1987 by Carl E. Brown Sr.  It is his passion, it is his career, and he's great at it.  Not only that, but he's an honest man who runs an honest business. (more)

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