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Middle Georgia Termite Exterminating in Cordele, GA

In purchasing a home a Termite Inspection is no longer required in the State of Georgia in the Real Estate Contracts. To protect yourself from termites in Georgia, you should ALWAYS hire your own inspector to inspect a property you are interested in purchasing. We can inspect the property and give you a written report disclosing any activity or previous infestation. If Termites are found you should have a construction expert evaluate to see if any damage needs to be corrected.

Here in Georgia we really only have native subterranean (ground nesting) termites. Georgia bed bugs aren't the only pests people need to worry about. Occasionally we will have some dry wood termites but they are usually transported in from an area that has natural dry wood termites. Formosan Termites have been found in Georgia in a few incidences; however, they have also been transported in from areas that have quite a problem with Formosan Termites. Formosan Termites are also ground nesting termites; however, their colonies are much larger and they can do damage to wood at a faster rate. Dry wood termites actually reproduce inside the wood so detection is more difficult with these. They create small pellets which sometimes are the only signal that they are present.

At Cobra Exterminating we have been doing Georgia Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments since 1987.  Boy, have things changed over time in the world of Termite control! Chlordane was the termiticide of choice before 1986. Then Dursban and Dragnet among others were popular but didn't hold up well in the soil. Necessity is the mother of invention and the Bait Systems came out which have helped tremendously in being able to control termites with very little or no pesticides. Termidor and Premise are 2 Termiticides that are produced in a wettable powder that are very effective.There are no fumes or odors from these materials and they have been tested to last at least 10 years in soil types similar to ours here in Georgia. For that reason we are providing more liquid treatments at this time.

Call us today for an inspection to see if there is any presence of past activity. If there is, we can address that promptly with a reasonable rate for our Cobra Termite Protection Plan. If not - Great! We can also offer you a preventative plan at a reasonable price. Remember it is always better to prevent than cure! Call today for termite protection and pest control in Cordele, Americus, Perry, and Tifton.

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Cobra Exterminating was started in 1987 by Carl E. Brown Sr.  It is his passion, it is his career, and he's great at it.  Not only that, but he's an honest man who runs an honest business. (more)

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