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Pest Control Perry GA

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Whether or not you have bug problems in your home right now, you want to be sure that you have an exterminating company that you can trust.  Cobra Exterminating is just that company, bringing a high level of professionalism to Middle and South Georgia exterminating companies. We set a new standard in safe--  even "green" products in most cases, that are effective using the latest application techniques.  We also have the experience needed to deal with every possible pest problem, as this has been our livelihood for decades. Our people, our products and our service create better results for you as the customer. We also guarantee your satisfaction after we come out and treat your home. It’s not just our job, it’s our commitment to you as our customer.

Using the latest technology also comes with a responsibility, and we are always sensitive to the environment.  In doing so, we take a  thoughtful and innovative approach to pest control in Perry, GA  which is our part of the country.  We also serve the surrounding areas, including:  Cordele GA, and Americus GA.   We use fewer chemicals, but still gain all of the expected result. We also spend time inspecting and monitoring your home, so that any pesticides that we do use are applied specifically where the pests are. 

When you need special information relating to pest control in Perry GA, or Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs, Cobra Exterminating and Pest Control has the exterminating solution that you need.   We identify pest problems using the latest technology, such as bed bugs in Georgia, or termites in Perry GA and design solutions specifically targeted to the pests that you have in your home.  If termites is the situation, identifying them is critical as they can ultimately destroy your home, making it an unsafe living environment. We also have a Quality Assurance Program under the leadership of Carl Brown who is the owner and operatior of the company, who specializes in Urban Pest Management, and IPM techniques.

If you need service, or would like to have us come and inspect your home, call us at:  229.322.2504 FREE or e-mail if you have any questions or concerns regarding our pest control services.


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Cobra Exterminating was started in 1987 by Carl E. Brown Sr.  It is his passion, it is his career, and he's great at it.  Not only that, but he's an honest man who runs an honest business. (more)

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