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Monday, December 30 2013
Pest Control in Georgia

Many people think that doing their own pest control is a savings when in actuality it is not--  it can be more expensive, and actually more toxic for your family.  The professional pest control industry has undergone quite a revolution in the past 5 years, particularly where "green" chemicals are concerned.  The overwhelming majority of chemicals that are applied inside a home are non-toxic for humans, and are actually considered green, which help those who enlist the services of those companies to maintain a healthy environment for their families.  Cobra Exterminating Company uses environmentally friendly chemicals wherever possible, as they provide:  Pest control in Perry GA, extermination in Cordele, Adel Ga, Fitzgerald GA, Albany GA, and Americus GA.  If your home isn't in that geographical area, we probably service your home-- as we also service all of Middle Georgia.

These chemicals, although green, are just as effective as their toxic counterparts at killing all kinds of bugs, including: termites, ants, roaches, cockroaches, millipedes, centipedes, and a host of other pests that might normally invade the home.  

In addition to environmentally friendly chemicals, new procedures are also available which assist in pest control. For example, bed bugs are reasonably impervious to the majority of non-toxic chemicals.  These bugs, while present prior to the 1950's, were virtually eliminated completely by DDT.  DDT however, was outlawed for home use because of its injurious nature to human life, and new strategies were necessary in order to defeat the creatures.  Heat treatments are the latest accomplishment in bed bug removal, and are extremely effective at making a home clean and free of these annoying insects.  

Termite treatments have changed significantly over the years as well. There was a time we were often drilling through concrete to treat a home, but more often than not, termite stations are used now, or the termidor treatments can be used as well which are extremely effective at eliminating these wood eating insects, which inevitably protects your home.

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